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Through Eddi’s executor and wonderful long time friend Steve O’Brien, the PDRC received funds from Eddi’s estate to do this web upgrade as well as a generous gift for operating expenses. Please remember Eddi, and as you do, remember all the wonderful mediators and volunteers who toil to bring peace where there isn’t any and who teach and model resolving conflict peacefully.

“Eddi was PDRC, she believed in it, she worked it and she loved it. Eddi introduced me to PDRC and allowed me the privilege of being her friend.” – Liz

“Eddi befriended me soon after my husband died. I had seen her doing a demo for our AmeriCorps group and decided to become a mediator. Eddi introduced me to mediation, to Small Claims Court and to the PDRC. She was special in that she was always taking care of people. Only her health stopped her finally.” – Dawn

“She was there in the darkest days. She was there with her finger in the dike.” – Virginia

“Eddi was a dependable and conscientious communicator. She encouraged me greatly. I don’t remember her not being punctual ever, but I remember once asking her what time she had. “I haven’t worn a time piece since I retired,” she said. Eddi dedicated herself to the PDRC’s mission in the midst of enjoying her “retirement”. She was very helpful on the PDRC board and in community outreach.” – Mark

“Eddi had such a warmth about her, just being with her was always comforting. Her presence gave her an edge as a mediator. Things started and stayed calm under her guidance. Her listening skills were so validating. I remember feeling like no one had ever listened to me quite as deeply as Eddi. I think if there was one word to describe Eddi’s role at the PDRC, it was service. She deliberately used her time, talent, and resources to serve organizations dedicated to peace and understanding. And she threw herself into that service, donating perhaps thousands of hours as a volunteer mediator, executive director, small claims coordinator, and board member for the PDRC. She was always an advocate of taking time to pay attention to process, of including everyone, and of closely mentoring our new recruits. She was an inspiration to me and, I suppose, to all who worked beside her.”
Laura Brogden
Family Literacy and Outreach Coordinator
Peninsula College and
Former Executive Director of PDRC

“Eddi was not just a colleague, she was a friend. Even in death she gave of herself, donating her corneas so someone else might see. She is at peace, I’m sure, and using her near genius IQ and resolution skills to “process” conflict wherever she is. I miss her.” – Mayree Lowman