Online Mediation Service

Welcome to Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center’s (PDRC) new online mediation service! PDRC’s online mediation allows parties to settle their disputes without the need for in-person appearances. Meetings are conducted using web-based teleconferencing, which makes active virtual participation possible, regardless of where the parties are located.

Benefits include:

  • Mediating from the comfort of home
  • Safe and healthy social distancing
  • Convenient = travel not required and no weather restrictions
  • Disability compatible
  • Increased access to justice
  • Confidential
  • Cost effective
  • Saves time
  • Focused conversation that gets results

All PDRC’s mediators are trained in providing this easy, innovative, efficient and effective online mediation process. All disputes are welcomed. Please call 360.452.8024. Service fees are based on a sliding fee scale. PDRC recognizes the value of mediating online.