Renee Riopelle, Staff, PDRC

Renee C. Riopelle, MDR, Executive Director

Ms. Riopelle joined Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center in January of 2019 as our Executive Director. She comes to our organization with a tremendous amount of knowledge and passion.  Renee has a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine Law School and was previously the Program Director for Community Service Programs in Orange County, CA.  When Renee isn’t working she enjoys time with her family, her sweet dog and collecting heart shaped rocks.

Mary Irwin, Staff, PDRC

Mary Irwin is the Program Director / Senior Mediator with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center.

barbara wilson

Barbara A. Wilson is a supervisory staff member with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center, responsible for the coordination of dispute resolution services, and is also a Department of Commerce approved foreclosure mediator. She became a certified mediator and volunteer in September 2011 before joining the staff in December 2012. Barbara has had a couple of other careers but working with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center has been the most rewarding work of all! Her home life is also full to overflowing with her amazing husband Jesse, 3 dogs (Charlie, Cali and Rollie) and Annye cat.

Kailee Droz, Staff, PDRC

Kailey Droz is a Dispute Resolution Services and Training Coordinator at Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center (PDRC). When she started working at PDRC in November, 2022, she also began her journey towards mediation certification. As someone who built her degree around her passion for communication, and as someone who deeply values service, she is excited about the work that she does with her team at PDRC. Outside of the office, Kailey can be found going on adventures with her friends in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or enjoying local music, dance, and theater.

Mary Irwin, Staff, PDRC

Mary Irwin is a Senior Volunteer Mediator who has worked with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center for twelve years. During this time Ms. Irwin has volunteered over 500 hours as a Mediator, has served on the board as President and Secretary. Currently  Ms. Irwin volunteer mediates and works with PDRC as a private contractor collaborating on special marketing and administrative projects. When Mary isn’t busy with work she enjoys time with her family and friends, hiking, fishing, entertaining and home decorating.

Laila VanDyke, Staff, PDRC

Laila Van Dyke has lived in Clallam County for 15 year and is currently attending Peninsula College. Miss Van Dyke is passionate about communication and conflict resolution.  She joined PDRC in 2022 and currently holds a position as an Eviction Resolution Specialist. Since joining PDRC Laila has taken the forty hour basic training and has entered PDRC’s Mediation Practicum to become a certified mediator.  Laila is happy to work for PDRC and feels it has enriched her life and has given her the opportunity to give back to the community.


Bonnie Cauffman, Volunteer, PDRC

Bonnie Cauffman is a volunteer mediator with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center (PDRC). She has a BA in Human Services and retired from Peninsula College after 38 years in various capacities leading to the Director of Human Resources. Bonnie completed mediation training with PDRC for the tools it brought to her employment. Only after retirement did she have the capacity to give time helping people through PDRC mediation.