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Mediation is an opportunity where people can resolve their conflicts and still maintain or improve the quality of the relationship with the other person. In a family, a business environment, neighborhoods, or in small towns, this can be especially important. Mediation resolutions are often rapid. On average, a 3 hour mediation concludes a conflict that took months even years to develop. Creating an agreement, crafted by the parties has the highest rate of satisfaction and compliance.

Mediation is a specialized process, utilized in the following areas:

Parenting Plan and Parenting Plan Modifications

In the state of Washington parents must have a “Parenting Plan” before a judge will grant a divorce. Complicated paperwork can be simplified. Mediators can assist parents through the process while at the same time help them emotionally clean up historical issues, plan for healthy communication in the future and create a game plan for dealing with potential unforeseen hot buttons; i.e. new partners, residential transfers, school schedules and children’s changing needs. It is vital for children that parents move beyond the pain of the past and begin to move forward with a better understanding of the future.

Community Mediation

We all live in communities and our neighborhood represents home. Neighborhoods are comprised of different structures: homes, farms, apartments, and tents. With each dwelling having its own rules and communication system, conflict occurs. Neighbor fueds can be about noise, fences and boundaries, car parking, and hurt feelings. Community mediation offers a constructive mediation process for neighbors to resolve differences and regain the sense of peace that all enjoyed.

Family Mediation

Families are complex. Boundaries are often set by invisible rules that regulate each relationship within the family and its larger dynamics. Well meaning intentions like lending money, sharing responsibilities for elderly members or leaving assets in a Will can, when mixed with high emotion and inadequate communication can easily turn into conflict. Well meaning family members may find it hard to confront each other or the issues and so the conflict many times escalates generating huge losses of energy, both physically and emotionally. Family Mediation provides opportunities for peace. It helps each household move towards productive change.

Business Mediation

Mediation is an effective and efficient process to help resolve business and employment disputes. A PDRC mediator can assist parties in reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement. Choosing mediation to resolve contracts and work place disputes promotes a better business and work environment, reduces costs and brings satisfaction for all involved.


  • Mediation: 40+ Hour Basic Mediation and Conflict Management Training
  • Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • Customized Business Trainings

Conflict Coaching Services

Conflict decreases energy and resources. It distracts your focus towards negativity, and can ruin relationships. Conflict diminishes the quality of everyday life. Conflict Coaching helps individuals moves through contentious issues. A shift towards pro-active problem solving allows individuals better understanding of how to self-empower, thus enhance their personal conflict resolution skills.


Conflict Resolution through Literature

PDRC provides a new interactive reading program for elementary school children. Select books are read based on another’s perspective of the same conflict. Viewing conflict from various sides begins a new understanding and appreciation about the many viewpoints involved and how each is important and valid.

Restorative Justice

This is a 3 hour class for juvenile offenders that responds to challenging behavior through authentic dialogue. It teachers personal responsibility for the harms they committed, an understanding of the justice system, thinking errors, and their learning, communication and conflict styles.


PDRC helps organizations run productive meetings through effective dialogue and clear communication. Our trained facilitators can help design, guide and facilitate meetings so your organization or business can achieve its objectives effectively. Utilizing our facilitation services gives all stakeholders the opportunity to equally engage in important conversations that work.